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XRemesher 1.0 for 3ds Max

[ #3dsMax #Modeling ]
Jerome Ledrole has shared XRemesher v1.0 is a custom tool to retopologize meshes inside 3ds Max in a fast and straightforward way. The toolkit makes use of the Instant Meshes Library. XRemesher is capable of remeshing complex and heavy meshes in a short amount of time.

With this tool, you have the choice to remesh your object as Tris or Quads meshes. You can define the desired "vertex count", "face count" or "edge length" for the remeshed object. It also includes a final "clean pass" to get rid of bad topological meshes.
Two remeshing process are available :
- the first one is a batch process where you use the command line mode of Instant meshes (Quick remesh, less options....)
- next one where you send and open the mesh inside Instant Meshes... that way you can better tweak the final result by using the orientation & position brush (tweak edges loops for quads output ie)

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Free download XRemesher 1.0 for 3ds Max and Donate if you find this script useful.
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XRemesher 1.0 for 3ds Max Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 03:14 Rating: 5
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