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Ornatrix v5.1.5 for 3ds Max

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Ornatrix 3dsmax v5.1.5 is up with new features in generating Strand Data modifier, editing Guides and some updates for propagation modifier, symmetry modifier, etc.

- New: Edit Guides change retargeting (input guide number and positions can change without destroying Edit Guide edits)
- New: Generate Strand Data modifier can create per-vertex data
- Fixed: Symmetry modifier causes all hairs to appear at origin
- Fixed: Propagation modifier does not respect strand groups from incoming guides
- Fixed: Baked hair disappears after collapsing and loading scene
- Fixed: Propagation modifier has no effect when used on top of HairFromMeshStrips
- Fixed: Transforms get corrupted with multiple propagation levels
- Fixed: Crash when re-grounding guides generated from HairFromMeshStrips
- Fixed: Toolbar doesn't support "Lock" and "Detach" to surface buttons on Max 2018
- Fixed: Flickering and distortion on fur due to Hair Clustering modifier

Download Ornatrix v5.1.5 HERE

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Hair broccoli with Propagation modifier
Check out how to utilize this to create multiple branching hairs resembling broccoli


Try Ornatrix for free HERE.

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Ornatrix v5.1.5 for 3ds Max Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 01:37 Rating: 5
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