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Download TerrainAxe for 3ds Max

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TerrainAxe is a landscape 3D modeling toolkits for 3ds max ,which was writed with MaxScript and mainly contains a lot of polygon tools and some other common functions. With TeerainAxe, you can save a big amount of time, optimize your 3d models and construct excellent topology, etc.
You can use TerrainAxe freely in various areas of 3d modeling work such as animation, virtual reality and game, enjoy dripping fun feeling.It is known to all that landscape modeling is extreme difficult ,more than curved surface and creature modeling.

New updates:
• A new selection tool ,SameDirFaces,was added,which can select faces that has same normal as selected face
• RoadlineSys:Road Width parameter can be got after creating road lines.
• The width of road shoulder can be adjusted
• One way road lines can be chosen , median width can be adjusted.
• Fixed a bug that make road lines creating failing at top level of sub-objects.
• ClearDupShps,fixed a bug that duplicated splines can’t be cleared.
• MoveOnDir can work normally.
• AdvArray: The mid-points of ring edges can be used as path to array objects.
• CapEdges:Before,the new polygon can’t be created if endpoints of border share on same edge,but now can.
• MoveVerts:Supplied an option to ignore border vertices when moving vertices.
• Web license type :fixed a bug that can cause TerrainAxe disable when another new 3dsmax window is opened.

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Dowload TerrainAxe for 3ds Max

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Download TerrainAxe for 3ds Max Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 22:36 Rating: 5
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