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V-Ray 3.50.04 for 3ds Max

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An update for V-Ray 3.5 for 3ds Max is available now. The new build includes over 50 feature improvements and important bug fixes. Your V-Ray for 3ds Max experience will be smoother, faster, and more reliable.

Changes include:
• Adaptive lights – Fixed rendering artifacts in certain situations.
• V-Ray/V-Ray RT - Optimized geometry compilation for scenes with displacement on machines with multiple cores.
• V-Ray IPR - New settings to track changes to the VFB size, and to force progressive sampling.
• Virtual Reality - V-Ray RT now has the option to only render the visible part of the image in OpenVR and Oculus renders.

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Download V-ray 3.50.04 on ChaosGroup's website
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V-Ray 3.50.04 for 3ds Max Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 02:44 Rating: 5
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