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SceneTerrain 1.0 for Blender

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SceneTerrain-a landscape creation and population plugin for Blender developed by Arnaud Couturier has been released with the first version in the 1.x development cycle. In version 1.0, SceneTerrain comes out with more important features to make them always more user-friendly, getting terrains that are as realistic as possible. Changelog:
• new: populations layers can be added, edited, removed. They are used to control how the populations are distributed on the terrains.
• new: 2 new tree species, with 3 variations for each. The included library is therefore made of 7 species for 21 tree models.
• change: the textures for the terrain material are "point-mapped", and no longer "texture-mapped". This lets you enter directly how many time you want a texture (flat, mountains etc) reapeated on the terrain.
• change: the default seed for the terrain is no longer zero, that means the terrain will not be different each time you generate one, by default. Zero can still be entered manually though.
• change: the detail texture overlays for the terrain flat area, mountains and beach biomes are deactivated by default, because they make it difficult to control the color variations of the texture, and often make them too dark.
• change: the trees from the library have been renamed to include only their common name. Their full name were trimmed by Blender, in addition to being difficult to read. So if you have broken links in your blend files to SceneTerrain's trees, simply re-import them.
• improvement: the seed for the terrain can be randomized with a button, if you just want some random terrain/seed
• improvement: each tree's leaf material is randomized for a slight variation of color. The randomization can be augmented manually for stronger and more varied effects
• improvement: GUI re-organization, the custom terrain shape is accessible from the now-unique shape tab, as an option, and a new export tab is now present for RAW exports, and the coming formats.
• improvement: each population now has a default number of instances, useful to avoid re-entering it in the particle system's settings each time when re-populating the terrain.

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Read more about SceneTerrain's released notes


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SceneTerrain 1.0 for Blender Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 14:00 Rating: 5
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