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Free Trial Ziva VFX for Maya 2014-2017

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Ziva Dynamics has released a free trial version of Ziva VFX, a Maya plug-in with an offline Finite Element Method "anatomy aware" simulator that lets you create life-like characters at scale. Before Ziva VFX comes out with free trial version, it has been used in production by some of the world's leading VFX Studio with a closed release last year, which were Enchantress from Suicide Squad, Graphorn from Fantastic Beasts, Slimer in Ghostbusters.

• Anatomically realistic character animation, including:
– Anatomically accurate bending of the skin at the joints
– Correct hand pronation-supination
– Correct neck shape with precise neck muscle movement
– Correct upper-body rigidity under twisting
– Correct thigh skin shape due to quadriceps muscle excitation
– High-quality belly fat secondary motion (inertia and gravity)
– Correct elbow self-collisions
• Cartoon/feature character animation with simple, single-simulation-mesh anatomy or complex, hyper-realistic anatomy.
• Enrich existing baked animations with controllable and tuneable secondary physically based motion.
• Modelling tool for reducing stretch and volume-change in sculpts.
• Make and simulate arbitrary elastic objects undergoing collisions and self-collisions, from gel to plants to steel-beam bridges.

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• Take large timesteps with stable and invertible FEM
• Use multiple material types, producing robust motion even under large deformations: StVK, NeoHookean, co-rotational, anisotropic
• Collide objects using automatic collision detection and response
• Add physical attachments between objects and paint where they are attached
• Embed arbitrary triangle meshes into your simulated solids
• Simulate thin shells (for skin)
• Paint muscle fiber directions, then excite/contract a muscle using scripted muscle activation forces
• Goal elastic solids to externally animated triangle meshes, for automatic addition of secondary motion
• Paint nearly everything: attachment areas, muscle fibers, muscle strength, tet-mesh resolution, material properties
• Use multiple types of physical damping
• Cache simulations to RAM or disk for fast playback and/or restarting
• Exactly preserve volume, even under large deformations
• Script and pipeline your rig using Maya MEL, or using our open-source Python tools


Download Ziva VFX on zivadynamics's website
Ziva VFX is available on Maya 2014-2017, windows 7 (or higher) or Linux.

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Free Trial Ziva VFX for Maya 2014-2017 Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 07:21 Rating: 5
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