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Anima 2.5 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

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AXYZ design has released the latest update to its crowd simulation tool for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. Anima 2.5 has been designed for rapid simulation of large crowds while retaining the versatility and artistic freedom that users need. Nearly every aspect of an animation can be controlled, and for the first time it is now possible to import and use custom characters and motions.

This major update comes with lots of new features such as:
• anima: Ready-Posed Actors are now supported! Several Ready-Posed Metropoly models are now included in the default anima installation
• anima: An integrated online shop for Rigged and Ready-Posed actors is now available!
• anima: A new Export option is now available from the Scenes menu, allowing you to convert your scene into a common 3D format! The exporter module has the same limitations as the anima Plugin if no license is currently active
• anima: A fully revamped Custom Actor and Motion Clip FBX importer is now available!
• anima: The texture variation system has been upgraded! The usage of custom protection masks has been included in most of the new Ready-Posed actors. The introduction of protection masks allows you to modify variation colors at different levels, even when the material count is limited
• anima: Libraries have been updated! They have been divided into expandable groups, allowing for better filtering or visualization of the libraries depending on the current editing mode.
• anima: A first-time configuration screen has been added. Multiple configuration options such as default paths, the displayed units and the preferred 3D viewport renderer can be selected when starting the application for the first time.
• 3DS Max Plugin: Scanline materials can be applied regardless of the renderer being used. (Scanline support is dependent on the renderer)
• Cinema 4D Plugin: A Plaster material preset has been implemented.

And Bug Fixing :
• anima: *IMPORTANT* Revamped general dialog, toolbar and docking system to improve compatibility with newer systems. Fixes an issue where multiple OS bugs could be triggered by the application, like massive slowdowns due to OpenGL issues introduced in newest Windows 10 updates. If you’ve encountered such issues before, we recommend testing this new version of anima.
• anima: Fixed a rare issue where a certain type of simulation could cause different results on different systems when attempting to render it. The simulation results should now be consistent across all systems.
• 3DS Max Plugin: Increased the range of the allowed speed multiplier values.
• 3DS Max Plugin: Fixed several issues with the default scanline materials.
• 3DS Max Plugin: Fixed an issue where actor arrows would not show up at the proper scale after changing the units of the scene.
• Cinema 4D Plugin: Improved material library with Material Adapter window. From this window you can create photorealistic materials for your current renderer but also allows you to select from alternative options like Plaster or Semi Opaque materials for stylized results. To load photoreal materials leave the settings on Regular Config and click Apply Materials to import the Anima scene.
Check the Full list of new features of Anima 2.5 HERE.

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Anima 2.5 is free download for Lite Version, and special offers for £199 (instead of £249) for Pro version.

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Anima 2.5 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 12:14 Rating: 5
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