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Vexus 2.0 | Scene Assembler & Render Pass Manager for 3ds Max

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Boomer Labs and Joker Martini has released Vexus v2.0, which is a standalone node based editor for constructing, managing, and manipulating 3D computer generated scenes, making it easy to set up render passes.
The unique design of Vexus allows users to work with massive scenes for any kind of project, both small and large. Vexus removes repeating scene setup work with it’s dynamic tokening system and flexible framework. Artists can save, reuse, and share setups. Vexus allows to work with massive scenes and removes repetitive setup work with its dynamic tokening system and flexible framework, allowing for studio specific customization.
Vexus includes 3ds MAX support for version 2015 through 2017.

Notable new features include support for Thinkbox Software’s Deadline, presets and Universal Render Engine support.

Some new features in v2.0
Teams can easily share and re-used graphs to avoid repeating work and improving production efficiency. Vexus files are saved as simple XML text documents

Users can define the default values, properties, and colors of every node in the graph. Users can also create new custom nodes to address specific studio needs.

Users can create custom tokens, which can be used to dynamically control values of graph nodes, such as output paths.

Vexus natively supports industry standard render engines including; Vray and Corona. Now with Version 2.0, support for Render Presets allows all preassigned render settings and render engines to be conveniently recalled from within Vexus. As always, Vexus is user extendible allowing for further render customization.

Wait no more, adjust the look and feel of your scenes instantly. Whether there are 100 objects or 10,000 objects, Vexus can handle it with ease. With an an integrated scene submission tools, entire groupings of shots and passes and easily be rendered in a click of a button.

Artists can extend the capabilities of Vexus using Python and Maxscript scripting languages. We also offer a service of extending Vexus functionality for Studio specific needs.

You can read the full product documentation HERE.

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A quick review for Vexus


The price for the package is $200 USD per seat with support for Max 2015-2017, and v2.0 is a free upgrade for existing users. Visit Boomer Labs’ website to download and for more info.
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Vexus 2.0 | Scene Assembler & Render Pass Manager for 3ds Max Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 03:23 Rating: 5
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