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Redshift V2.5.04 is now Available

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Redshift v2.5.04 is released with some new features and fixes, this build includes plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini and Softimage.

Release Notes:
• Fixed rules for resolving tags to match convention starting in Maya 2017 update 2 that strips the “rs_” prefix added by the new Render Setup system
• Fixed a number of problems related to selecting non-default UV sets on several shading nodes
• Added a ‘Hidden in Viewport’ display mode for proxies
• Added data type selection to AOVs (allows, for example, saving as RGB instead of RGBA)
• Fixed bug that caused path separators in cache files to be replaced with underscores

• Fixed bug in the Integer Attribute shader that prevented it from working properly

• Support of packed fragments.
• Fixed several issues related to the ROP node objects/lights bundle lists while updating the scene.
• Refactoring of the log system. New option in the plugin options panel to enable the log to console, disabled by default.
• New option in the ROP node, IPR tab, to disable the log files in the IPR sessions.
• Removed the COP textures resolution limitation in the Houdini Indie version.
• Fixed a bug in the shaders extraction code related to networks with shared shader nodes.
• Fixed an IPR crash while working at SOP level after a change in the available materials.
• Fixed an IPR crash adding material nodes in scenes without lights.
• Fixed an IPR crash removing some kind of complex OBJ nodes without other objects in the scene.

• Fixed recently introduced point cloud proxy crash bug after exporting with versions 2.5.01 and newer
• Fixed bug that could knock out dome light backplate when using ICP GI in conjunction with matte surfaces
• Fixed bug when applying matte object alpha overrides to transparent materials, wihch previously disregarded the material alpha
• Fixed bug that would make the shadow material believe it was opaque when using a shader switch node as a head node
• Potential fix for rare random corruption when texturing multiple-scattering inputs
• Proxies can now be exported as compressed files
• Added an ‘automatic memory management’ option in Redshift’s ‘Memory’ tab
• Fixed potential memory leak when scene contains dome lights
• Fixed assert when connecting incompatible shader nodes to displacement blender inputs
• Reduced license checkout/checkin traffic

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Redshift V2.5.04 is now Available Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 03:27 Rating: 5
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