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RailClone Pro v3.0.0 beta for 3ds Max 2012 to 2017

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IToo Software has recently released the first Beta versions of Railclone 3 with new features and fixes for testing.

Feature highlights:
• Added Macros. This feature allows you to create new nodes by creating sub-graphs. Macros to output numeric values, geometry, and generators are all possible.
• New algorithm to align Linear Generator with planar and closed splines. It computes initial banking angle (X Rotation in Generator) so segment's Z axis is perpendicular to the plane formed by the first and last spline's segment. This method works much better when creating frames, windows, etc
• Added "Auto Align" option to Array Generator->Extend X/Y Size mode. This option creates array aligned automatically with each sub-spline. This mode is very suitable for roof and panels.
• Added Generator A2S->Clipping Area->Hierarchy Checking Mode. This options determines the way that RailClone processes stacked splines for Extend X/Y Size mode.
• Added RailClone Color
• Continuous mapping feature (Segment->Mapping) is completely rewritten. Now it should generate correct mapping under all conditions.
• Added "UVW Offset" to Generators.
• Added mode to Compose: 'In Sequence' or 'Grouped'
• Added Style Linking. This feature lets you to link a RC object to other, so Style changes done on Master are dynamically reproduced on slave.
• Added 'Retain Value Mode' to Numeric parameters. It overrides behaviour for Retain value feature (used on Library, Copy Style and Style Linking procedures)

• Added support for V-Ray 3.5
• 'Note' nodes have been rewritten. They are now resizeable, have user definable colours and can move child nodes.
• Generator A2S->Limits and Padding are disabled when using Clipping Area->Extend X/Y Size
• Added Y Spline mode to A2S Generator: defines what coordinates are used for the Y Spline: Y/Z or X/Y.
• Style->"Operate On" is changed to "Quad" by default.
• More Generator parameters are available for exporting (specifically combo values).
• Transform->Fixed Size is computed before applying other transformations (as Rotate or Scale).
• Updated expressions engine to V3.
• Added option to extract all Segments to the scene.
• New dialog for Export Parameters/Attributes. It allows to change multiple parameters from multiple selected nodes (of same type).
• Seed parameter now is animatable.
• Added "Pivot Offset" to Transform node.
• Added next properties to Arithmetic->Expression
• Modified the way that arrays are generated when using multiple splines. Previously rows were created using all splines (Row 1 of Spline 1, Row 1 of Spline 2, etc).
Now one array is generated completely for each spline (Row 1 of Spline1, Row 2 of Spline 1, etc) allowing their row sizes to operate independently.

Visit itoosoft's forum for a full list of the new features, improvements, and fixes in the beta version.

RailClone Pro is currently available for Max 2010 to 2017 and costs €200. This beta version is only available for Max 2012 to 2017.

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RailClone Pro v3.0.0 beta for 3ds Max 2012 to 2017 Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 02:47 Rating: 5
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