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Free Download apDespill v1.0 for Nuke

[ #Nuke #VFX ]
Adrian Pueyo has shared apDespill which is a Blinkscript based gizmo to despill an image, capable of despilling any tone you pick and not only the primaries, and with the option to protect certain tones from the despill, and select different respill algorithms, while staying light and efficient.

Despill blinkscript-based gizmo, capable of despilling any hue you pick (and not only the primaries), selecting different algorithms for de/respilling, and protecting desired tones from the despill.

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Free for donwload apDespill v1.0 on Adrianpueyo's website
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Free Download apDespill v1.0 for Nuke Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 02:51 Rating: 5
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