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VA Mesh Conform for 3ds Max

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With VA Mesh Conform, you can well mesh in 3ds Max much more faster and responsive.
There are some features in VA Mesh Conform fore 3ds Max :
- Projection direction: world axis or source object normals.
- Push capabilities based on target mesh normals so the source wont stick 100% on the target mesh.
- Conform percentage, a slider to morph the source mesh between to be a fully fonformed or stay at the original shape.
- It can read the selection stack (even with soft selection) .
- And as I said earlier it's much faster than the legacy 3dsmax mesh conform.

Visit scriptspot for more detail.

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Download VA Mesh conform here

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VA Mesh Conform for 3ds Max Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 23:36 Rating: 5
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