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RenderMan for Houdini

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Pixar has announced RenderMan for Houdini (RfH) - the bridge between RenderMan 21 and Side Effect’s Houdini. Developed for Pixar's own feature films in technical collaboration with Side Effects, RenderMan for Houdini (RfH) is a robust plugin that now ships out-of-box with Houdini 15.5 (and beyond) at no additional cost to your Houdini license.

Key benefits include support for the advanced features in RenderMan 21 including the RIS framework, Analytic area lights and a sophisticated shader suite, including Pixar Surface, the same material used on Finding Dory. You can find detailed information for RenderMan for Houdini on our new documentation and download Houdini 15.5 from sideFX's official downloads page.

Artist Tools

RenderMan for Houdini is compatible with these Artist Tools available separately from Pixar. For commercial customers, one Tractor license is included with each RenderMan (including a year of free maintenance for Tractor).
Pixar's "IT" - RenderMan Framebuffer (available in RenderMan Pro Server)
Pixar's Tractor - Job Dispatcher (included with every RenderMan License)
Seamless Houdini Integration
- Full translation of Cameras, Lights & Geometry

Support for the Latest Features of RenderMan
- Full support for the advanced features of RenderMan

Unlimited Multi-Threaded Rendering
- Utilize the maximum amount of available threads with a single license

Support for Multiple Classes of Light Transport
- Choose between Path Tracing or VCM with the flip of a switch

Advanced Denoising Technology
- The Denoiser offers speed increases for global illumination up to 10x.

Interactive Shading and Lighting
- Currently in development for a future release

Image Checkpointing
- Checkpoint batch jobs for preview purposes using the progressive renderer

Image Based Lighting
- Full support for 32 bit HDR images along with a physical sky

Ray Traced Subsurface Scattering
- Create highly realistic skin and other materials, requiring no pre-pass or bake

Ray Traced Caustics
- Fully ray traced caustics requiring no pre-pass or bake

The Advanced Material System (Pixar Surface)
- A dedicated system for creating sophisticated physically based looks

Open VDB Support
- Render volumes with a GUI dedicated to this open standard

Secondary Passes
- Create AOVs and Light Path Expressions with support for Deep Textures

RIB Archives
- Including animated sequences, for efficient rendering & referencing of assets

RiProcedural Plug-ins
- Create procedural geometry, feathers, and custom shaders

More details here!

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