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Vertex Colors Shatter for 3D models

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With Vertex Colors Shatter version 3.8.6 allows users to shatter a 3d model base on black and white vertex color map. It is a very interactive tool to control when generating small fragments over the object's surface.
Vertex Color Shatter 3.8.6 is available for 3ds Max and Maya

Version 3.8.6 Enhancements:
• Shatter Support for Vertex Colors.
• New Vertex Colors Shatter Style.
• Modify Jaggy Strength is now a fast operation.
• All Basic Fracture params are now saved after deleting a fracture body, in this way you can reshatter an object and all your fracture params are restored after creating the fracture body again.
• New “Set All Values to Default” Basic Fractures Option: Useful new option when you want to reset all values to solver defaults without having to delete the Fracture body.

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Visit pulldownit's website for Vertex Colors Shatter 3.8.6

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Vertex Colors Shatter for 3D models Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 23:04 Rating: 5
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