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Simplify your 3D Meshes with Polygon Cruncher v11.10

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Polygon Cruncher is a must for simplifying and optimizing your 3D scenes. It could help reduce the number of polygons without losing detail and keep your scene UVs, vertex colors and normals. Polygon Cruncher plugin exists for 3Ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, 3DBrowser and as standalone software.

There are some features for V11.10 are :

- Adds support for Max 2017
- Adds support for Maya 2017
- Adds support for Sketchup 2016
- Fixes the Maya version from freezing under some circumstances (animation for example)
- The Maya version no longer computer optimization during playback for better user feedback
- The Apply button in the Standalone version has been replaced by a Save button
- Adds icons for panels
- STL import no longer performs points welding
- Adds advanced mesh checking at import to avoid crashes under particular circumstances
- FBX export now correctly saves texture maps with names including specific characters
- Opening a file from the menu in the Standalone version now allows it to update during save
- Fixes a Standalone application crash at startup
- Fixes a VRML 2.0 crash with improper files

Visit mootools's website for more details.

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Polygon Cruncher is available for Max 9 to 2017 and costs $129. A demo version is available here.

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Simplify your 3D Meshes with Polygon Cruncher v11.10 Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 14:51 Rating: 5
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