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CentiLeo 0.462 alpha for Cinema 4D R16-R18 is available.

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CentiLeo is faster than possible, unbiased, scalable, easy to use 3D renderer with complete GPU acceleration and without GPU memory limitations. This is possible thanks to efficient use of CPU RAM with all the computations processed by GPU based on efficient dataflow organization.

Some changes in CentiLeo 0.462 alpha for Cinema 4D R16-R18 :

*Now the glass is created by setting only transmission.weight to 1 and you don’t need to disable default Diffuse.weight to 0. According to a new convention the weight of transmission layer overrides diffuse. If you want to mix transmission and diffuse then you should to make transmission weight less than 1. This is similar to other engines.
*Fixed incorrect glass rendering with IOR values larger than 1. And now it looks much more beautiful.
*Fixed “black highlight” bug in subtle rough reflections.
*Fixed issue which caused slow render when there are many light sources with crazy different areas and intensities.
*Added option “Contribute to only GI” to the light sources which helps to add more indirect light to interiors without increasing the number of ray bounces. Increases the speed of interior rendering, flicker-free, similar to portals accelerator for GI.
*Cinema4D Plugin: The camera (from CentiLeo menu) is created with position and orientation of the current camera.
*Cinema4D Plugin: Default environment color is used if there are no any light sources in the scene.

Recommendation to increase render speed
Download shaderball User manual updated fro 0.44

>> See Also: CentiLeo Renderer v0.45 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D


Download here

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CentiLeo 0.462 alpha for Cinema 4D R16-R18 is available. Reviewed by Ngoc Anh Le on 01:35 Rating: 5
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