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Ornatrix v5.0.4 Beta for 3dsmax

[ #Ephere ]
Ephere Inc has announced that Ornatrix 3dsmax Beta v5.0.4 is out

>> See Also: Ornatrix for 3d Max tutorial: Guide selection sets and hair strip UVs

+ New: When Remember Positions option is on in Hair from Guides modifier viewport previews the cached hairs
+ New: Ground strands operator assigns base surface as distribution object when creating a groom
+ New: Ability to add a groom which has base curves and ground strands modifier to a mesh
+ New: Added strand group option to MeshFromStrandsModifier, allowing multiple mesh branches to mesh different parts of hair
+ New: Right clicking while dragging a brush in Edit Guides cancels current action
* WIP: Hair from Particles object and Guides from Particles modifier
* Fixed: Strand groups are not automatically updated by HairFromGuidesModifier
* Fixed: All topology based orientation options are on by default and have tooltips
* Fixed: Frizz causes jaggy results when applied above dynamics or wavy hair


Ornatrix v5.0.4 Beta for 3dsmax is available here
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