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Ornatrix v5.0.3 for 3ds Max

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Ephere Inc has announced that Its new update of 3ds Max powerful plugin for creating hair, fur, and feathers Ornatrix 3dsmax v5.0.3 is out!

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Changes and Features are:
+ New: Ground strands modifier uses "Detach Roots" toggle instead of "Ground" button. It also participates in new global hair detach fucntionality.
+ New: Delete button deletes grooms in Groom dialog
+ New: Added Strand Cache modifier capable of storing output hair and guides if input stops being valid.
+ New: Detached hair grooms automatically store and use cache modifier to preview output hair while it is detached
* Fixed: Grooms dialog not showing icons for entries in Max 2017
* Fixed: Near-zero length strands cause popping when meshed
* Fixed: Crash when reducing guide point count before Edit Guides modifier and brushing guides


Ornatrix v5.0.3 for 3ds Max is available for customer here
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Ornatrix v5.0.3 for 3ds Max Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 03:05 Rating: 5
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