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SLiB VPR 2.0 for Redshift in Maya

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Leuchtkrafthas launched a new plugin for Autodesk Maya called SLiB VPR for Redshift. This is a viewport render solution for the Redshift GPU renderer within Maya.

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Features of SLiB VPR:
  -Select Objects directly in the RenderView
  -Navigate in Renderview
  -dynamic render resolution
  -global Shader override for easy debugging (AmbOcc, Checker, Front/Back, UV)
  -Isolate Objects or even single Shading Nodes
  -Isolate Lights
  -Set Focal Point directly in Renderview
  -display AOVs in Renderview
  -easy record and playback of IPR preview animations
  -store snapshot images with camera and light position / angle for easy recovering

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SLiB VPR works with Maya 2015 - 2016.5 Windows OSX OSX and Redshift v.2.0.56+

More information and get it for $15.00 here
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