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Krakatoa 2.6 for 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya

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Thinkbox Software Inc has announced Krakatoa 2.6 for 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya The updated renderer now supports Depth Of Field with user-defined Bokeh effects and Anamorphic squeeze support. Depth Of Field calculations on multi-core machines have also been made faster.

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The Adaptive Motion Blur option also significantly improves animation rendering performance by processing only as many passes as the number of screen-space pixels traveled by the fastest moving particle in the data set.

Krakatoa MY 2.6.0

added support for the newly released Autodesk Maya 2017.
  -Added support for Maya 2017
  -Removed support for Maya 2013
  -Added adaptive motion blur
  -Added anamorphic squeeze, bokeh shape maps, and bokeh blend map options for rendering DOF
  -Added a birth channel generator utility for generating "sticky" channels
  -Added an "IgnoreBackfaces" input to the NearestPoint and IntersectRay Magma operators
  -Added support for OpenGLCoreProfile and DirectX11 viewport 2.0 modes
  -Added optimizations to the number of render threads
  -Added optimizations to the partitioning of particles for multiple threads when rendering with DOF
  -Added a version number in the Krakatoa UI\
  -Added the generation of color channels from vertex colors to the PRTVolume and PRTSurface

  -Fixed playback and timeline scrubbing when using parallel and serial dependency graph evaluation modes in Windows and OS X
  -Fixed an issue where Maya particles couldn't be rendered in Maya 2016 on Linux
  -Fixed the exporting of PRT files via Deadline
  -Fixed incorrect alpha channels when saving to EXR

See full list here
Krakatoa 2.6 for Autodesk Maya supported Maya Versions: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Krakatoa MX 2.6.1 for 3ds Max

introduces World Space Modifier versions of the previously existing Krakatoa Delete and PRT Cloner modifiers, and enables the multi-level cloning using both OSM and WSM PRT Cloners without Source channel collisions. The Magma system adds a large number of Random operators, and the Noise operators now expose a new Phase input which can be controlled per-particle.
  -Adaptive Motion Blur
  - Depth Of Field Bokeh Effect
  -New World Space Modifiers
  -Magma Random Operators
Improvements To Existing Features
  -Depth Of Field Performance
  -Combining PRT Cloner Modifiers
  -Magma Modifier Source Channel Toggle
  -PRT Cloner Modifier Color Channel Multiplication Option
  -Magma Modifier 'Use Existing Channels' Toggle
  -Magma Noise Operators Phase Option
  -Magma Use Existing Channels Option
  -PRT Loader Partition Channels
  -Magma Editor HDPI Support
  -Krakatoa Menus And MacroScripts
  -Particle Data Viewer Access
See full list here
Krakatoa 2.6 for 3ds Max supported 3ds Max Versions: 3ds Max 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.


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