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ADN Modeler Tools 0.25 Beta for Autodesk Maya 2016 - 2017

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Written by Adnan Chaumette, ADN Modeler Tools is a set of custom scripts for Autodesk Maya made to make your model better,faster and smarter. A new script will be added to the collection every week, and users suggestions for scripts will also be taken into consideration and added to the list.

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The idea behind this package is to give you a library of tools that is constantly evolving and every single update, no matter how major it might be,is always going to be free for anyone who purchased the product.
AMT (ADN Modeler Tools) currently has 8 scripts.Some help you speed up relatively simple operations while others give a huge boost to your workflow :

- ShapeShifter is the flagship product of AMT and gives you access to the most powerful bevel in Maya.Period.
- FWVertexNormal is your best bet for working with face-weighted vertex normals in Maya.
- Easy Circle allows you to create circular shapes from the selected faces,edges or vertices.
- Edge Select Pattern lets you select edges in a pattern fashion like in Modo.
- Boolean Panel allows you to create sexy panels on your geometry in a click.
- Fast Material is a quick and efficient way of assigning materials.
- Quick Layer as it's name suggests allows you to create layers in a click without messing with the layer editor.
- Quick Smooth is a short and useful script that automatically sets your hard and soft edges based on their angle.Super useful when using ShapeShifter !

AMT is currently compatible with Maya 2016 - 2017 on Windows. Currently on version 0.25 and each new script added will push this number to 0.26,0.27,etc... until we reach 1.0, so you can expect to have a huge library of scripts ! :)
More information and download here for only $5!

Version 0.25 is the first release so if you encounter an issue with one of the tools please email to Adnan Chaumette

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ADN Modeler Tools 0.25 Beta for Autodesk Maya 2016 - 2017 Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 03:36 Rating: 5
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