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Ornatrix v1.0 for Autodesk Maya

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After year and half of development and beta testing, Ephere has announced Ornatrix for Autodesk Maya is now available. This is a complete hair, fur, and feather solution for Autodesk Maya. It is filled with great features designed to help artists get started quickly and work effectively. We designed a friendly procedural operator based system to allow fine control and creation of reusable assets in a variety of production situations. Model, animate, and render your hair quickly, effectively, and confidently.

>> Ornatrix for Autodesk Maya tutorial

Some feature of Ornatrix for Maya version 1.0 are:
+ Added: "Generate" button to HairClusterNode to allow caching of clusters into scene
+ Added: Allow running Ornatrix from a user-specified location on Mac/Linux
+ Added Switch EG brush strength change to Maya-standard LMB+M combination
+ Added: A ramp attribute to control the twist of the guide cluster operator
+ Added: A shelf button and command which would convert hair stack to Maya curves
+ Added: About dialog
* Fixed: Operators precompute map values to avoid threaded evaluation bug
* Fixed: GuidesFromMeshNode distributionChannel parameters does not appear in the AE template
* Fixed: MEL AE template warning when showing HairFromGuidesNode and then GuidesFromMeshNode
* Fixed: In HairFromGuides use a large button for "Remember Root Positions" function
* Changed Ox grooms to be only loadable/creatable in Maya
* Fixed: Handle Flex adapter errors more gracefully
* Fixed: Using B key to resize EG brush works only momentarily
* Fixed: Motion blur doesn't work in Arnold when used with Hair from Mesh Strips operator


You can Download demonstration version of Ornatrix v1.0 for Autodesk Maya for free here
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