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Download Fstorm Render for 3ds Max 2014 - 2016

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Developed by Andrey Kozlov, FStormRender is designed to render images as fast as possible without any limitations. It is GPU-accelerated, unbiased and physically correct. There are no any limits for geometry and textures amount, as long as GPU memory can fit it. Adaptive sampling is used in every render part such as light sampling, material shading and image sampling in general.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v0.2.0

  -vertex motion blur
  -painting noise channel with red color to show noisy areas and with green color to show noise free areas
  -new material parameter "angle affect" increases material glossy for low(tangent) angles
  -showing textures in viewport after material conversion
  -adjust Fresnel curve with glossy value

bug fixes:
  -fixed crash with incorrect faces ids
  -not being able to select object via FStorm Camera in 3ds max 2015
  -incorrect result with sss + opacity

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Tone mapping:
Modern digital cameras have complex color processing to keep colors closer to real life. FStormRender tonemapping works almost like a modern digital camera.
FStorm material uses unique developed glossy brdf model. This model has less noise level and looks better than modern GGX brdf model. All materials have multiple importance qmc sampling.
by Daniel Reuterswärd‎
FStormRender has powerful lighting system optimized for processing many light sources. This system does not depends on light sources types and materials shaders and always gives predictable, fast and noiseless picture.

Monitor can show only low dynamic range images. It can not show anything brighter than its maximum. The only way to show something very bright is a glare. FStormRender has photorealistic glare with simple and flexible settings.


Download FStormRender v0.2.0<7 for 3ds Max 2014 - 2016 (update 07.07.2016) here
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