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PSOFT Character Box 1.0.0 for MODO 902 - 10.x

[ #Animation #Modo #Rigging ]
Earlier of this year a Japanese Company - PSOFT has posted a sneak preview video of a its modular rigging plugin for Modo . And today they has unveiled it under the name CharacterBox. This rigging plugin for MODO offers various capabilities necessary for character animation.

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PSOFT Character Box for MODO Features are:

  -Modular rigs
  -Save / load rigs
  -Copy and paste/mirror paste Poses and Motions
  -Save / load Poses and Motions
  -Proprietary high speed IK solver
  -IK/FK blending
  -Twist arms and legs
  -Curve, bend, twist spine
  -Squash and stretch rigs
  -Tail delay
  -Rotation, scale inheritance settings
  -Muscle deformer
  -Mesh contact deformer
  -Generate weight maps using polygon meshes
  -Convert IK Poses to FK
  -Bake Motions


Operating environment: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
MODO: 902 / 10.x (Windows version)
You can try PSOFT Character Box 1.0.0 for MODO 902 - 10.x here
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PSOFT Character Box 1.0.0 for MODO 902 - 10.x Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 01:02 Rating: 5
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