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PopcornFX Plugin v1.0.0 for Unreal Engine 4

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PopcornFX is a 3D realtime particles VFX middleware for video games. All the creation process is made in a dedicated effect editor and you have to manage them via a multiplatform runtime integration into the game-engine. PopcornFx’s stream processing architecture and scriptable particles makes it both high-performance and extremely powerful.

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Particle effects are created by artists in the PopcornFx editor. They are then baked and saved with the game assets. The PopcornFx runtime integrated in the game engine then loads the effects and plays them back. Gameplay can then interact with the effects and change properties exposed by the artists.

You can download the FX editor, which is totally free and unlimited. This is the actual editor used in production
● A personal, non-commercial license for tests, educational, evaluation at only 25€.
● A Studio license valid for midsize or big studios and even AAA productions for 250€


More details can be found here and here!

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PopcornFX Plugin v1.0.0 for Unreal Engine 4 Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 08:13 Rating: 5
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