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Ornatrix v4.4 for 3ds Max

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Ephere Inc has announced Ornatrix v4.4 for 3ds Max - new update of 3ds Max powerful plugin for creating hair, fur, and feathers

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Ornatrix v4.4 for 3ds Max Changes are:

+ New: Ability to replace distribution mesh in Xreffed Ornatrix assets at runtime
+ New: Render settings texture map uses its internal mapping channel with Mesh from Strands
* Fixed: Assertion caused by rare NurbsCurve::leastSquares not succeeding during Detail operator evaluation
* Fixed: Mesh from strands hair always faces camera when in billboard mode and not exporting guide hair (new option is available to turn this off)
* Fixed: Hair from mesh strips reorients strands during some strip topology changes
* Fixed: Frizz modifier causes strand messiness on object copy or clone
* Fixed: Hair from mesh strips "Use strip material ids for strand groups" option doesn't always assign correct groups
- Removed Hair Preset object and Hair Preset Maker from the UI
* Documentation update


Ornatrix v4.4 for 3ds Max is available for customer here
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