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Lattice v 1.0 for Adobe Photoshop

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Developed by Richard Rosenman Lattice is an incredibly powerful particle based procedural lattice structure generator for Adobe Photoshop (or compatible host). It is a novel tool for designers, illustrators and digital artists for the creation of generative design. When combined with traditional commercial design, Lattice adds technical sophistication.

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Lattice’s core function is to interconnect particles with lines and points. Particles are initially generated in the form of a 3D cube, sphere or cylinder and are then manipulated by you through the use of effectors. When two particles are within a specified distance of each other, they are connected. This simplicity of ordered chaos is what makes generated content from Lattice so visually captivating.
Lattice provides a vast array of options to get your structure looking perfect. Line and point sizes can be locked with respects to one another, or fully independent. Line and point transparency can be affected by depth while line transparency can also be affected by length. Specify the minimum and maximum particle distance required for a connection as well as the maximum number of connections allowed.
Lattice’s effectors, the heart of the plugin, can produce all sorts of dynamic effects such as noise, turbulence, scales, translations, rotations, skews, tapers, twists, bends, waves and deletes. By combining multiple effectors together you can produce truly stunning structures of unlimited variations. Additionally, each effector has its own affective space fields so that you can modify only specific parts of the particle array. A falloff control allows you to softly feather the effect while other features such as field inversion and field axis allow endless fine-tuning of your effect.

Noise and turbulence effectors provide their own seed values so you can have an infinite number of generative effects. Delete allows you to remove particles from specific areas thus resulting in highly-customized structures.
Lattice doesn’t stop there. Packed with a seriously powerful coloring engine, each particle can inherit it’s own unique color based on axis or position. Coloring can be dictated by a single color, a mix of two colors in any number of three dimensions, a distribution of color spectrum in any number of dimensions and even image colors derived from a source image thereby facilitating integration into existing images. Both line and point colors can be individually overridden for a custom color and line intensity can be derived from line length resulting in gorgeous shading.

Interconnecting particles can have colors blended between the two resulting in gradients or averaged for more graphic results.

Lattice also features simulated depth of field! Easily bring particles in or out of focus within a viewing plane. Adjust the lens for an increased or decreased field of view and exaggerated perspective.
Lattice also boasts the capability to import OBJ models! This means you can create your own custom 3D model in your software of choice and import it into Lattice. Once inside, you can rotate, scale, and translate your model, and use effectors to manipulate it just as you would any built-in Lattice particle array. Working with custom 3D models inside Lattice provides limitless creative possibilities.

Remember that by using effector space fields, you can customize any specific parts of your OBJ model, complete with falloff feathering. Lattice can import OBJ models created with your software of choice.
Lattice provides a large, simplified and user-friendly interface with all the necessary features you’d expect. A live status bar displays statistical info such as the object type, active number of points and lines, how many effectors are currently in use and the frames per second (FPS) for performance measures. Any object can be saved or retrieved at the click of a button.
Lattice adds a level of sophistication to your work making it a must-have plugin in the arsenal of any artist and designer.Lattice is 100% multi-threaded capable of using an unlimited number of cores for ultimate speed.


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