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Lucid v1.1.4 for 3ds Max

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Lucid is a physics plugin for 3ds Max which utilizes the NVidia Flex technology to provide rigid, soft-body, and fluid simulation at lightning speeds. Today, Ephere has announced that Lucid v1.1.4 for 3ds Max is now avaialble

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Lucid v1.1.4 for 3ds Max changes are:

* Removed manual radius parameter from PF Fluid Operator, size of the emitter is used to determine particle size
* Added absent fluid meshing controls to PF display operator
* Fixed: PFlow geometry operator hangs if particle radius is automatic and object type is set to rigid
* Fixed: PF display operator doesn't update mesh for recorded PF particles
* Fixed: Crash in a scene with PF display operator recording in mesh mode
* Fixed: Meshed particles in PFDisplayOperator not using correct transform when jumping at random frames and re-enabling the operator
* Fixed: PF geometry operator produces incorrect particle velocities causing objects to fly away
* Fixed: Incorrect particle scale and first recorded frame with PF display operator
* Fixed: PF display operator displays particles in wrong place when PF source is created in a side viewport


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