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Golaem 5.0 for Autodesk Maya

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Golaem has announced that Golaem 5 for Autodesk Maya is now available with the Layout Tool, a post-simulation edition tool based on Maya manipulators

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Layout Tool

Golaem 5 enables artists to take control of their simulations results and modify them in a post-simulation step without going back to square one.
Manipulate simulated characters
Simulated Characters can be transformed simply by using the Maya translate, rotate and scale tools and duplicate / kill functions. Artists do not need to care about snapping characters to the ground as it is still automatically done by Golaem.

Edit characters appearance or simply “be lucky”
To add variations, the characters’ props and shading can be randomized or manually hand-picked using the Character Palette.

Retime animation
Animation can be offsetted in time or have its speed increased/decreased. Artists can then easily match their characters timing with an external element or add animation variations on duplicated characters.

Manually offset or edit animation
Artists can also quickly edit postures directly from the simulation layout tool, or import a complete character skeleton to manually animate it.

Change your mind anytime
Because the Layout Tool works as a layer on top of the simulation, it is very quick and all modifications are cancellable or customizable at any time in the History Stack.

Golaem Layout

To facilitate its adoption in studios workflows, the Layout Tool is also available as a separate product called Golaem Layout. Golaem Layout is a cheaper version of Golaem, stripped of simulation capabilities, and allowing users to visualize and edit existing characters simulations results.

This new product will allow studios to envision a different work organization and workflow when dealing with digital extras.

Artists from other departments (e.g. lighting, fx…), or partner studios, can now get a full previsualization of the simulated characters directly in their viewport without the need of a full license.

Senior artists can focus on creating simulations, while new or junior artists will layout shots and perform retakes. A single walking soldier can quickly be duplicated and modified to get a full walking army in formation.

Last but not least, Golaem Layout enables studios to build a simulations library and quickly reuse them. For example, a few casual passers-by can be loaded and re-positioned to populate streets in different projects.

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Golaem Layout Tool Introduction

Geometry and Shading Variation Introduction
The Geometry Tab in the Character Maker is an artistic nodal editor which allows to easily describe how geometry and shading variation will be applied to your Golaem Characters

Trigger Editor Introduction
The Trigger Editor is an artistic nodal editor which allows to easily describe when your Behaviors should get started or stopped in Golaem

Blind Data Introduction
Blind Data support allows to use any kind of custom animation data (such as muscle deformers, animated shader attributes...) inside Golaem


Golaem 5.0 for Autodesk Maya and Golaem Layout rental licenses are available with a 50% discount until March 21st.

Golaem (including the Layout Tool) starts from 325 EUR/month (instead of 650 EUR)
Golaem Layout starts from 65 EUR/month (instead of 130 EUR)

Get all pricing information on
Evaluate free for 30 days on

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