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Thinkbox Stoke MX v2.1.0.59 for 3ds Max 2013 - 2016

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Thinkbox Software has announced the new update of Stoke MX. This 3ds Max Plugin is an easy to use Particle Simulator designed to simplify the creation of high volume particle clouds driven by Velocity Fields

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Changes for v2.1.0.59 are:

- Adds support for FumeFX 4.0
- Adds Field Loader support for reading OpenVDB (.vdb) version 3 files
- Adds Field Loader support for reading Field3D (.f3d) files with gzip compression
- Adds support for using PhoenixFD as an InputField source in Field Magma
- Fixes several issues related to using PhoenixFD as a Velocity Field Source
- Fixes 'unknown system exception' that occurred when using PhoenixFD as a Distribution Source
- Fixes incorrect particle positions when using FumeFX with a boundless grid
- Fixes Grid Bounds position in the Field Loader when 'Apply Object Transforms' is enabled

Stoke MX R&D by Rigel Bowen


You can buy Stoke for MX $595 or download demo version here.

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Thinkbox Stoke MX v2.1.0.59 for 3ds Max 2013 - 2016 Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 00:54 Rating: 5
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