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Ornatrix V4 for 3ds Max

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Ephere has announced that the new release of Its hair, fur and feather creation plugin for 3ds Max - Ornatrix V4 is now available after more than 10 months of development and rigorous beta testing. Version 4 brings better performance, improved brushing tools, updated dynamics, a new preset system, and a slew of other features to the table.

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Ornatrix V3 New Features Are:

  -New: Ability to pan/zoom in a graph/curve editors
  -New: All graph/curve editors now support undo/redo
  -New: Mesh from strand billboard UVs now respects strand thickness
  -New: Rotation attribute data for hair
  -New: New Grooms feature (XML format for defining hair presets)
  -New: Added support for NURBS curves to Ox Guides from Shape modifier
  -New: Added option to ground strands modifier to control which strand components are affected
  -New: Deforming collision meshes are now supported in PhysX dynamics
  -New: Nearly all maps used in Ornatrix now have an invert option
  -New: Switched to new MSI based installers for easier distribution and deployment of Ornatrix
  -New: SDK and Maxscript access to Ornatrix version information
  -New: Multiple hairs per follicle using new Strand Multiplier modifier
  -New: Hair from Mesh Strips now allows "fanning" hairs perpendicular to strip surface
  -New: Show named selection sets for sub-object in Edit Guides
  -New: Installer now offers options to install for 3dsmax Design
  -New: Add support for varying hair strip parameters
  -New: All points in curve editors can be moved and deleted
  -New: Ability to specify install locations for specific components using new installer
  -New: Z-up, Y-up, or X-up orientation export for Alembic
  -New: Added an option for Alembic exporter to export render version of hairs
  -New: Added an option to export Alembic objects each to their own file
  -New: Allow user to specify the maximum number of hairs in viewport preview which face cameras
  -New: Converted all "Invert" map checkboxes into image buttons
  -New: Surface brushing performance and functionality is improved
  -New: GUI improvements with real-time feedback of brush strength and size in modify panel
  -New: Pull brush for straightening out hairs
  -New: Ability to lock surface brush through modify panel, without having to press Ctrl key
  -New: Added a label in EditGuidesModifier to show current guide selection
  -New: Improved performance of GroundStrandsModifier grounding
  -New: Icons for multiple Ornatrix operators
  -New: 3dsmax 2016 support
  -New: Quick hair button now adds VRayOrnatrixMod if renderer is V-Ray RT
  -New: Add ability for .oxgroom files to store and display a thumbnail


Ornatrix for Autodesk Maya is being developed also. For more information please go here!

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