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GenArts Sapphire 9 for After Effects, NUKE

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GenArts Inc., the leading global provider in specialized visual effects software, has announced the release of Sapphire 9. This marks the shortest time elapsed between version releases in Sapphire's history, allowing active Upgrade and Support customers and current subscribers to upgrade to version 9 free of charge.

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Key Effects and Updates:

  -BokehLights: Generates beautifully complex and creative patterns of defocused lights that animate and scale over time.
  -NightSky: Astronomically accurate star field renderer. Specify date, time, and location to generate correct nighttime skies.
  -Aurora: Produces swirling patterns similar to the Aurora Borealis. Many different modern, subtle, and abstract looks can be easily achieved.
  -InfiniteZoom: Creates a hypnotic, spiral effect similar to infinite regression.
  -CutToDissolve (transition): Replaces a straight cut with a dissolve seamlessly by generating missing frames using optical flow technology.
  -RepairFrames: Fixes any damage (bad pixels, dropouts, random noise) in a frame automatically.
  -Builder Improvements: Multiple transition nodes and animation curves enable more power and freedom for building cutting edge custom effects.

GenArts Sapphire 9 for After Effects, NUKE Features video

"Builder is much more of a comprehensive tool in Sapphire 9, with workflow enhancements that guide you to advanced levels once you've mastered the basics," explains Brian Fox, Product Manager and Creative Director for GenArts. "We've added new compositing tools to better facilitate the creation of complex effects, including easier ways to blend images, work with alphas, and offset elements over time. We've also added animation graphs to all parameters in S_Effect, to take care of basic keyframing needs. And in S_Transition, you can now combine multiple transitions for more creative results. Overall, Builder continues to produce professional and distinct looks from simple to complex effect combinations."


Sapphire 9 is available for the industry's leading compositing and editing platforms. Information regarding compatibility and purchasing options can be found at Demos may be scheduled upon request.

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