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Massive 8.0 and Massive for 3ds Max

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Massive is crowd simulation software which brings the ability to simulate and display 20,000 agents in real-time. According to CG Press Massive 8.0 and Massive for 3ds Max are coming soon as they have announced at Siggraph 2015 in Los Angeles

>> Crownd simulation tutorial

New features in Massive 8.0 include:

  -Ability to run real-time simulations containing 20,000+ agents at 24fps on a single PC – these are not pre-recorded simulations, and they do not use particles. An NVidia Quadro K6000 or Titan X graphics card is required to make it possible to render 20,000 agents at 24fps with sufficient detail. Now previz crowd shots can be easily created in real-time and on-set CG elements can include full, high-quality crowd elements that are truly indicative of the end result.
  -New Parts feature – allows artists to rapidly assemble agent brains by simply dropping in a few pre-made parts. This features allows for the creation of libraries of agent parts that can be reused and shared across multiple agents, and can be updated and maintained independently of the agents. This is greatly beneficial to both beginner and more experienced artists working with asset management systems in large studios.
  -Edit agents inside Maya – In 2013 they introduced Massive for Maya, which is now used around the world for setting up, running, lighting and rendering Massive simulations, all inside Maya. Now in Massive for Maya 8.0 They've added the Massive editor window that allows for editing every aspect of agent bodies. Change any piece of geometry or texture map, adjust shader parameters, adjust rigid body dynamics settings, and add variation. This is bascially the same as a full Massive Jet license, all in the familiar environment of Maya, and still only $3500.
  -Polygon placement – often it’s advantageous to use reference geometry for agent placement in the scene. The “geometry generator” placement primitive has been improved to allow for simple and powerful per-polygon agent placement. With Massive 8.0 a stadium shot of 100,000 agents can be accurately set up in seconds.
  -Generator gaps – a much requested feature is the ability to insert gaps into agent placement. So now random gaps can be introduced using a simple slider.
  -Agents as terrain – agents now have the ability to walk over other agents, as if they were terrain. This is particularly useful when there are a lot of dead bodies in the scene. Another potential use would be insects crawling over each other.
  -Parent to terrain / Lanes parented to terrain – when the terrain model is animated in multiple pieces it can be challenging to adapt agent performances to the wildly varying landscape. Massive 8.0 brings the ability to parent agents to individual pieces of terrain, providing much broader scope for compelling performances in situations in which the terrain model is animated. Parenting of lanes to terrain has also been added, for guiding agents around on the surface of the animated terrain.
  -Terrain file interpolation – when using sequences of geometry files as terrain, dynamics can become unstable. Massive 8.0 solves this by interpolating between geometry files on every step of the dynamics simulation, resulting in much more stable rigid body dynamics.
  -RenderMan RIS – completely rewritten renderer integration for PRMan 19 and onwards, taking full advantage of the new RIS rendering technology.


More details can be found here
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