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V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max 2016

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Chaosgroup has announced that V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max 2016 numerous other improvements.

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New features:

VRayVolumeGrid: Added support for rendering of fluid simulation data (Phoenix FD, Field3D and OpenVDB);
V-Ray: Added ability to add/remove DR servers on the fly from the Render Progress window;
V-Ray: The DR servers list is re-read whenever the vray_dr.cfg file is modified during rendering;
V-Ray: Added button to open the V-Ray messages log window;
V-Ray: Added camera object properties to control the number of transformation samples for camera motion blur;
V-Ray: Added support for 3ds Max 2016, including the new Physical Camera and Physical Camera Exposure Control;
V-Ray: MaxScript parameter to control the DMC random seed;
V-Ray: The V-Ray object properties allow to specify a given map channel as velocity channel (useful with some Alembic importers);
V-Ray: Provided tooltip descriptions for most of the renderer settings;
V-Ray RT CPU: Support for VRayEnvironmentFog;
V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for Composite map rendering;
V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for displacement;
V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for VRayMtl anisotropy;
V-Ray RT GPU: Added UDIM tag support;
V-Ray RT GPU: Implemented QMC sampling for CUDA engine;
V-Ray RT GPU: Initial support for texture baking;
V-Ray RT GPU: Support for spherical panorama cameras;
V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for 3ds Max Spot and Omni lights Decay and Near/Far Attenuation parameters;
V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for textures output Bezier curve output color correction;
VRayProxy: Added better methods for generating viewport preview meshes based on mesh simplification;
VRayProxy: Added Show whole mesh viewport display option;
VRayProxy: Support for exporting the VRayInstancer as a .vrmesh file preserving the instancing;
VRayStereoscopic: Support for stereo spherical/cylindrical panorama cameras;
VFB: Added ability to load the render settings for an image from the history window;
VFB: Can be zoomed in/out with the regular +/-/* keys (useful for remote access from mobile devices);
VRayCurvatureMap: A new texture similar to VRayDirt; useful for detecting mesh curvature;
VRayFur: Faster rendering; can now be accelerated by Embree;
Hair&Fur: Faster rendering; can now be accelerated by Embree;
VRayInstancer: Added ability to override node and V-Ray object properties of the source objects;
VRayInstancer: Added parameters to control the random seed, render percentage;
VRayInstancer: Added an experimental option for multithreaded instance generation (only for the V-Ray portion of the code);
VRayLight: Added a line that shows the orientation of the dome lights in the viewport, it also shows the center of VRayHDRI wrapping;
VRayOSLMtl: Added support for vray_subsurface() closure;
VRayOSLMtl: Added support for vray_hair() closure;
VRayOSLMtl/VRayOSLTex: Support for drop-down controls;
VRayHDRI: Added support for loading PNG grayscale with alpha images;
Texture baking: Additional bake elements for render to texture: VRayMtlReflectIORBake, VRayReflectionFilterMap;
V-Ray scene converter: Added initial implementation of conversion of Corona materials and lights;
ply2vrmesh: Support for conversion of particles from .geo and .bgeo files;
vrayspawner.exe can assign separate DR nodes to different processor groups;


This update is free to registered users, and should be visible on your download page on after logging in.

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