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Corona Renderer v1.1 for 3ds Max 2011 - 2016

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Corona Renderer v1.1 for 3ds Max is now available with support 3ds Max 2016, more faster and some cool features

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- 3ds Max 2016 is now directly supported in the installer.
Corona Bitmap
  -Corona Bitmap is a new shader, works similarly to 3ds Max, but faster. The Corona Converter can convert 3ds Max bitmaps in the entire scene with just one click, allowing to easily speed up rendering usually by 10-20%. Below are some examples from our real test scenes.
- A4 Benchmark Interior scene – 9% faster
- Car Scene – HDRI – 30% faster
- BTR scene – 20% faster
- Tree Scene – 12% faster

Smaller Improvements
  -Better error reporting: non-obtrusive, non-blocking, with option to surpress further messages.
  -Added ability to specify licensing server IP on render nodes
  -Corona dialogs (VFB, licensing, …) are now HiDPI-compatible
  -Glossy reflections are no longer darker on object outlines.
  -Added displacement switch to RayswitchMtl
  -Render passes now correctly output negative values
more details on Corona blog


You can download Corona Renderer v1.1 for 3ds Max 2011 - 2016 after login in to your customer zone or directly from download section. When upgrading from 1.0, please make sure you upgrade also the Licensing/DR server as well.

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