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Auto Character Setup 2 kit for MODO

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Auto Character Setup (ACS) 2 kit is a production-ready, automatic rigging solution for bipedal characters. ACS 2 simplifies technical tasks with an interactive drag-and-drop workflow that is easy enough for even novice users, but that produces a robust rig suitable for professional use. You can quickly adjust the flexible, general-purpose biped rig to work with a wide range of characters, and enjoy streamlined processes for binding, weight painting and applying corrective morphs. Reuse animation data between scenes or even different characters with the included library of poses and actions. Apply motion capture data with just a few clicks using an optimized retargeting workflow, and animate on top using both FK and IK controls. Once you’re ready, flatten your characters into a simple hierarchy of joints with a single click, ready to export into external applications such as Unity or Unreal Engine.

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ACS features:

- Easy visual resizing of animation controls to suit users tastes
- Rigs work from a modular design where unnecessary parts can be easily removed (fingers, etc)
- Transportable, ACS rigs can be opened and animated on any system, even without ACS
- Configured to use advanced setups with IK/FK blending and Pole vector pinning.
- Options to use Aim or FK controllers on many joints with additional advanced control setups
- Detailed rigs provide animation control over the entire body including eyes and eyelids
- Spine setups have easy to use settings for customizing the joint behavior
- User controlled options to isolate arms, legs and head
- Pre-made hand controllers with Channel haul interface for finger bending and spreading
- Thoughtful pick walking setup allows users to easily select animation controls with only the keyboard

New ACS 2 features:

- Preset-based poses and actions library for storing and reusing animation data across scenes or even different characters
- Poses and actions mirroring tools
- Retargeting support with the ability to animate over motion capture using both FK and IK rig controls (requires ACS 2 rig)
- IK/FK matching (requires ACS 2 rig)
- Squash and stretch controls for limbs and torso
- Bind mesh proxy mode for faster playback performance and the ability to pose a character with rig controls hidden
- Robust selection tools that make it easy to select various parts of the rig; supports MODO’s native item selection sets
- Animation tools for editing keys for either entire character, selected controls or selected channels only
- Dedicated Animate Palette increases animation efficiency
- Support for Mixamo’s rigged characters, which includes the ability to reuse characters’ proportions and weight maps
- Snapshot command for freezing a character’s current pose into a separate mesh layer
- Improved baking that supports baking multiple actions and custom naming schemes for the output skeleton
- Improved preview tools for creating animation previews with a minimum number of clicks

What is included with the ACS kit?

- One Biped Rig preset
- Three Joint Influence presets (Hinge, Free and Roll Joint Influence)
- Two sample character models: Hero and Bolo (downloadable samples on the right hand column)
- Four sample scenes: Hiero Rigged, Bolo Rigged, Bolo Walkcycle Animation, Hiero Run Animation
- A set of example poses for Hiero and Bolo
- Online manual with over three hours of training material


Auto Character Setup 2 kit for MODO 801 SP4 or greater, MODO 901 here
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