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RailClone 2.4 for 3ds Max

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iToo Software has announced the release of RailClone 2.4. This update adds a host of improvements that significantly increase ease-of-use, including the ability to import and wire multiple segments, categorised and expanded exportable parameters, drag-to-swap links, auto-renaming of parameters and base objects, and the ability to automatically calculate and export the current size of segments.

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In addition to the release, iToosoft publishes the first of three guides to help users improve their RailClone skills. This first installment, aimed at beginners, introduces the core concepts required to get new users up and running as quickly as possible.

RailClone 2.4 also introduces new features including the UVW XForm operator to edit and randomise the tiling, rotation, and offset of UVW coordinates; a new Count mode to specify a fixed number of evenly rows and columns; the ability to add offsets to the start, end, top and bottom of generators; improved box mapping to allow multiple channels, plus many more features and fixes:

RailClone 2.4 features:

● Ability to edit and randomise the tiling, offset and rotation of a segment’s UVW coordinates using the new UVW XForm operator
● New Evenly Count modes. Set a fixed number of Y Evenly rows and X Evenly columns.
● Import and wire multiple segments. Save time in styles that use a large number of nodes.
● Many more exportable parameters including an on/off toggle for every node. Parameters have been reorganised into categories.
● Export size attributes. A segment’s size can now be derived from the source geometry automatically and exported. This feature is ideal for creating reusable styles and simplifying the creation of styles with sophisticated interrelationships between parts.
● Add padding to the start, end, top and bottom of arrays.
● Creating instances using RailClone Tools now copies user properties, object IDs and the wireframe color of the source object.
● Style Description to add instructions to to styles and their sharing and reuse even easier.
● Automatic box mapping of segments on multiple material channels
● Many style editor improvements to speed up creating styles, see release notes for the full list.

As usual, a Lite version of this release is freely available to download and use commercially, as well as release notes, both on iToo Software website. This release is part of the company’s ongoing program for 2015 which also includes the upcoming release of the new version of Forest Pack in Q3.

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