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GMH v2.6 for Autodesk Maya Sneak Peek

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Phungdinh Dzung – Thunder Cloud Studio’s founder stated that he is working on the upgrade version 2.6 of his trending GMH2 Maya hair - Geometry To Maya Hair script that allows artist to convert polygon meshes to Maya hair instantly with a single mouse click. Let's take a sneak peek at some of the new features in this update which will be scheduled to be released in late April or early May. This updated will be free for any users who already bought GMH2.

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Instead of spending days on creating hair model for character with complicated set up, ton of curves and combing, using GMH2.6 saves a lot of time - working with hair now take only few hours or even a few minutes.

Aiming to be a noob-friendly tool for everyone, GMH2 opens the possibility for beginners to create good looking and complex hair model without much experience and knowledge in Maya Hair. GMH2 also releases artists from headache technical aspects to focus more on creativity.
The new version 2.6 of GMH2 focus on polygon hair workflow that can be used in next-gen game workflow
– said Phung Dinh Dung – Thunder Cloud Studio founder – GMH2 author.

New features of GMH2.6 include:

- Next-gen polygon hair generation
- Baking hair to polygon plane's textures (diffuse, normal and alpha maps)
- Material manager: apply different shaders to multi polygon hair polygon surfaces and groups.
- Export manager: users can choose to export curves or polygon meshes of hair System to Obj or FBX format that are readable by other programs such as unreal 4, 3D studio Max, Unity, Marmoset etc.
With new feature to generate polygon hair, GMH2.6 now can be applicable not just limited within Maya for animation and still rendering but also can be ported to other 3D applications such as 3D studio Max, cinema4D, Blender and game engines.

GMH2.6 is calling for beta testers

In order to collect information regarding performance, compatibility, quality, functionality of the updated version, Thunder Cloud Studio is looking for beta testers who have experienced in hair modeling in Maya. After the beta testing, all beta the testers will be granted a free version of official GMH2.6. If you are interested in GHM2.6 beta test, please apply by sending them via email your information including:
- Operate system.
- Maya version.
- Some of your relevant works for reference.
- Personal information: name/ position & company
Please keep in mind that they have limited number of beta tester slots, so you will be contacted if your application is suitable.

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