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Faustics for 3ds Max 2011 - 2015

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Faustics is a MaxScript for creating procedural water Caustics effect in 3ds Max, easily and quickly. It produces beautiful Caustics effects and these are extremely fast to render

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Features are:

- Create water caustics with a single click
- Extremely fast renders
- Still and animated previews
- Multiple caustic sources, each with its own settings
- Three built-in effects: turbulence, waves and rain
- Enables blending of these three effects
- Supports custom animated image sequences as caustic maps
- Source properties can be customized
- Turbulence, wave and rain properties can be customized
- Supports include/exclude of objects receiving caustics
- Exports the animated caustics map for use in game engines


Faustics for 3ds Max 2011 - 2015 costs $25. You can download a demo version here.
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Faustics for 3ds Max 2011 - 2015 Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 17:46 Rating: 5
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