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Download HDR Rig v1.0 for 3ds Max

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Developed by Technical Director at Daze - Midge Sinnaeve, HDR Rig is 3ds Max script which allows you to quickly add HDR environments to your scenes

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Select HDR Map:
Here you can specify which map to load in to your scene's environment.
Create Skylight:
HDR Rig can automatically create a Skylight which has it's multiplier linked to the Output parameter of the HDR. This way your scene's lighting and reflections increase or decrease accordingly when changing the values in the scene.
Set the intensity of the Skylight / HDR map.
Sun Position / Create Rotation Helper:
This represents a top view of the scene, where you can select the position of the sun before adding it to the scene. If "Create Rotation Helper" is also selected the script will also generate an on-screen control for you to change it later.
Flip Horizontal / Flip Vertical / Tile U / Tile V:
More controls for how the HDR is positioned, these controls affect the standard Coordinate options of the 3ds Max bitmap.
Enable Viewport Background Preview:
This will change your active viewport's settings to show the HDR environment map as a background for your scene.


Download HDR Rig v1.0 for 3ds Max here
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