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Miarmy Crowds 3 6 for Autodesk Maya

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Basefount has announced its crowd-simulation system for Autodesk Maya - Miarmy 3.6 with adding a new human-language-based logic engine and support for distributed simulation.

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Miarmy Crowds 3 6 for Autodesk Maya is now compatible with Arnold, RenderMan, V-Ray and OctaneRender and here are the features.

Miarmy 3.6 New Features

Human Language Based Logic Engine
Since Miarmy 3.6, we have added an industrial exclusive new engine: Language Control System into our software. You can directly use natural language to control the crowds. Then you never need to recite or reference channels, no need node connection, programming, and keep all control flexible as before just work more easier.

More Interactive with Bound and Geometry
Our agents can interactive more with Geometries. They can chase the surface of geometry. And the agents can be bounded outside and totally avoid geometry, or limited inside and only move in the geometry. Additionally, we added repel geometry and more bound shapes.

Action Share and Reuse
One action node can be shared to multiple similar types of agents by name based assignment. This is able to reduce the time of creating action when you need to create another type of agent with some subtle changes.

Visibility Logic and Cache
Visibility attribute of agents can be keyframed and or controlled by the logic sentence. This allows us create some visibility animation or optimize the render for saving your render time. Also this visibility animation can be cached.

Smooth UV Pin and CCT support
Now, the agents can go to and land on mesh object surface smoothly. This allow us simulate flying agents (like insects) landing on geometry surface naturally. Also those agents can be accumulated onto geometry with CCT technology.

Direct Expression Control
We upgrade our logic engine and now we can use expression and program directly control the output sentence result. This tremendously improves the flexibility of control. For example we can easily control the wheel rotate speed with agent moving speed.

Distributed Simulation
We upgraded the agent cache system and now Miarmy support distributed simulation. We can simulate parts of the agents and make them can be interactively playback, and the rest agents continue simulate by logic system. And the simulating agents can interactive with the cached agents.

PhysX Infrastructure Upgrade
Agent physical simulation now is more stable, the joint projection mechanism can 100% prevent joint separation when fast collide and big force impact. Also the cloth simulation reset and collide object have been upgraded and faster and more stable.

More Variety Render Features
Some more render features added, like Character Cache Shave support, V-Ray Object ID and Multi-Matte, Arnold SubD surface render. And now we support Octane Render Shader Randomization. Also Arnold render shaded by texture etc.

3DS MAX Support Better
Now the new Miarmy integrates 3DS MAX more seamless, we can preview bound position in 3DS MAX, and also we can assign shaders and use vertex color and gradient ramp in 3DS Max. So, we’re able to build the entire render pipeline directly in 3DS MAX.

Miarmy 3.6 Demo


Miarmy Crowds 3 6 for Autodesk Maya is available now for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The price of a permanent node-locked licence is down to $2,650; or a free Express edition here
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