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Krakatoa MY 2.3.2 for Autodesk Maya

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Thinkbox Software has announced that a new version of the Krakatoa MY volumetric particle renderer for Autodesk Maya has been released. In addition to several bug fixes, it also introduces PRT Loader object support for RealFlow .RPC particle files, as well as the LiDAR standard .LAS, .PTS and .PTX point cloud formats.

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New Features

  -Added support for rpc, las, pts, and ptx formats to the PRT Loader.

Bug Fixes

  -Fixed support for the Kajiya-Kay particle shader.
  -Fixed a bug that caused all non-exr images (png, tiff, etc.) to have incorrect colors on OS X.
  -Fixed a bug that was writing out image files with incorrect filenames.
  -Improved the renderer settings UI.
  -Fixed a bug on OS X that was causing improper viewport updates.
  -Fixed a bug in the PRT Saving code related to frame ranges.
  -Fixed a bug that was ignoring writing out extra image passes (z-depth etc.) in certain cases.
  -Fixed a bug that was causing "Group" style objects to not work as matte objects.


The new update uses the same 2.3 license as previous released. The installer is available from the same download location as previous builds. If you are an existing customer but don't have the download link, or would like to evaluate Krakatoa MY for 15 days, please contact Thinkbox Sales.

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