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WaxLab3d v1 for Autodesk Maya 2014

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Former EA and Rockstar Games technical animator Stefaan Sorensen has unveiled WaxLab3d v1 for Autodesk Maya 2014. Waxlab’s main purpose is to bring sculpting tools similar to those found in professional stand-alone sculpting packages like Zbrush or Mudbox to the Maya Environment. The Tool provides a fairly standard basic set of brushes, including Extrude, Bulge, Pinch and Flatten.

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Each one has an envelope to adjust brush radius and falloff; there are options for constraining Extrude and Flatten relative to surface normals; and symmetrical modelling automatically smooths the axis of symmetry.

The other features are pretty much what you’d expect: Wacom tablet support, masks, stencils (for surface deformation, not surface colour), and a deformer for creating linked versions of a model with different LoDs.

There are also a couple of nice extras, including a heightmap tool for sculpting terrain, and the option to show very dense meshes in the viewport as point clouds, to improve real-time interactivity.
Full Features here

Pricing and availability

WaxLab 3d is available for Maya 2013-2015 on Windows XP and above and OS X 10.9, with a Linux version due this fall. The SRP is $129.99, but if you hurry, you can still get it at the launch discount rate of $89.99. Or Download free for 30 days here

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