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RHiggit V2 rigging and animation tools for LightWave3D

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RHiggit is the ultimate toolset for rigging and animation in LightWave3D

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RHiggit 2 offers one of the most versatile, powerful, and artist friendly rigging toolset available for ANY 3d app. Augmented with additional tools which help to streamline workflow in both custom manual rigging and animation tasks, both of general item, and RHiggit rig specific needs, it offers a complete system which will not simply improve your working practices, but which will transform the way you rig and animate.

Features are:

  -Free, Lite, Pro and Studio editions, ensuring something for everyone.
  -High quality rig presets to serve all different kinds of character shapes and sizes.
  -Custom, modular auto rig builder to create almost ANY character rig you can dream of.
  -Artist friendly setup and control customisation allowing you to build highly functional rigs with ease.
  -Superfast rigs for the fastest levels of scene interaction.
  -Animation tools for grabbing fast selections while keying, pose and motion tools that reduce workload, curve and key filters to speed up workflow in graph editing.
  -Motion capture retargeting tools which work to transfer motion to ANY RHiggit rig.
  -All native rigs that can be further edited or enhanced by TDs, or shared with other users (no plugins required).
  -Studio Licencing which gives redistributable tools, allowing supporting animation and rig fitting tools to be supplied to offsite animators without them needing to own any plugins.


RHiggit! V2 is available now for LightWave 11.0 and above. A Pro licence costs £160 and a Studio licence, which includes unlimited seats, plus tools for use by animators outside the studio, costs £999. You can also download a RHiggit V2 rigging and animation tools for LightWave3D feature-limited Lite and Free editions here
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RHiggit V2 rigging and animation tools for LightWave3D Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 06:12 Rating: 5
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