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Miarmy 3.2 Released for Autodesk Maya

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Basefount Technology has announced Miarmy (named "My Army") - a Human Logic Engine based Maya plugin for crowd simulation version 3.2 for Autodesk Maya is now available

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Miarmy 3.2 Features are:

Contact and Pin Dynamics
Continue from previous pin dynamics (know more), this time we provided more advanced contact and hold tool pin dynamics for agents. With contact and hold, agents can be checked contact and hold onto anything with multiple bones or hold each other agents.

Hand in hand with dynamical simulation and controlled by keyframed kinematic box

Terrain Color Feeling
Agents now can feel and interactive with terrain color, the intensity of color and also the direction of color. That is means not only the agents can feel which color of terrain texture but also feel the gradient of terrain color. We can easily simulation agents walk in a range or some drawn roads.

Agent controlled by color gradient and will not move out from color range. Different type agents on different terrain of different colors

Terrain Color Placement
Now agents can be placed from texture with intensity (or painted texture) also adapt the mesh. Combination with UV pin tool, we can easily distribute and simulate a bunch of bugs moving on the deforming objects.

Place distribute by texture and mesh. Support paint tool control distribution

Servo force Self Restitute
With accumulated density auto distribution, agents now are able to fully control by servo force animation. When agents are took over by physical servo control, agents can perform fully restitution when hit by outer force

Walking agent collide with sphere and self restitude

Walk on Same Type Dynamical Agents
Now the CCT has height control and also it can automatically change the collide rules, then agents can walk on dead bodies of same type.

Walk on self type agents dead bodies, with CCT

Arbitrary levels Geometry Randomize Control
Now we can create unlimited sub root for geometry randomization. With this tool, we can easily put many different character geometries type to a single agent type. This can easily achieve for example top level randomize character geometries and sub level randomize this type character accessories.

Top level: girl/boy | Second level: detail accessories

Agent Variable Control Geometry Distribution
Geometry Randomization now can be controlled by Agent variable. We can easily assign variables to agent type or placement nodes or terrain color and make them distribute different geometry. Also combination with Arbitrary Levels geometry Randomization Tool, we can distribute different type of characters to different area, whereas only need a single agent type.

Left: with cap | Right: without cap

Phase Based Transition Control
Agent can transit in and out from action cycle based on cycle phase. Without rebuild the action node.

Action phase control panel

Misc Upgrade
  -Deforming object can be flag and rendered easily, like alembic cache driven object or blend shape driven object
  -Easily get render geometry data including with LOD and frustum culling.
  -Maximum limitation rigid body dynamics speed
  -Automatically place from selected placement node
  -Percentage based placement
  -Some bugs fixed.

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