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Laubwerk v.1.0.9 for 3ds Max and CINEMA 4D

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The new v.1.0.9 makes Laubwerk's digital botanics for 3ds Max and CINEMA 4D faster, more realistic and user-friendly.

Laubwerk's botannical library now offers even greater realism with an enhanced material system that supports translucency and specular highlights. In addition, the VRay renderer's double-sided materials are also supported. The Laubwerk browser now also offers material quality settings, which range from very low (for very fast rendering) to very high - which will then take advantage of additional features made avaialble by the respective renderer. All material settings have been reworked and adapted for the over 1,500 plant models available in the Laubwerk library.

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Fixes and improvements:

A substantial update to the material system including support for translucency, V-Ray 2-sided material, glossy reflections and more.
Updated material system including support for translucency, V-Ray 2-sided material, glossy reflections and more.
The Laubwerk Browser now offers an additional setting for 3 material quality profiles (low, medium, high).
All plant models of Plants Kit 1-4 as well as the Plants Kit Freebie have been updated with the new material descriptions and new additional high-quality textures.
Increased quality and detail of many plant models included in Plants Kit 1 and 2.
Improved caching for better memory management and shorter loading times.
It is now possible to load Laubwerk Plants using Python (on Windows) allowing our customers to build their own importers into applications compatible with Python 2.7 or 3.3 such as Lightwave, Vue, Houdini, Blender etc. that we do not (yet) support directly or make custom conversion scripts. A preliminary documentation and an example are included in the installation directory.


Improved performance when switching between views with isoparms (sections of a NURBS surface) and without. This also improves performance when switching between single and quad view with default settings.
Improved interoperability when opening c4d scenes with referenced.
Laubwerk Plants from Mac on PC and vice versa.
Added support for NVIDIA mental ray and iray (m4d).
Known issues:
VRAYforC4D 1.9.0 doesn't load the textures after Laubwerk sets up the materials automatically. We have contacted the developer. Workaround: Saving and reloading the scene solves the problem, as well as just going through the scene selecting all texture path slots and hitting enter. VRAYforC4D 1.8.x works.

3ds Max / 3ds Max Design

Added support for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design 2015.

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Laubwerk v.1.0.9 for 3ds Max and CINEMA 4D Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 22:01 Rating: 5
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