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Download Materialing Alpha - Free Photoshop PBR Material Painting plugin

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Developed by Andrew Maximov, Materialing Photoshop Plugin is a free production ­ready tool that allows you to paint with entire materials using the comfort of the familiar photoshop environment.

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The core pillar of Materialing is complete non­destructiveness and ease of reuse. The plugin empowers You to create extremely reusable material presets and layer them for production of your unique assets. The material layer masks are always there which gives you an option to replace a material layer at any given time while keeping the mask and automatically updating all the textures that compose a complex next gen material. On top of that the parent material keeps track of all the assets that ever used it and if at any point in production you decide to update your source material preset ­ the changes can automatically be propagated across all the usecases. And like that wasn't enough you are free to tweak your material presets in your unique assets .PSD(albedo hue shift for example) and your changes will be saved even if you choose to reimport or update your material preset. Materialing aims to make reuse easy enough that people actually do it.


Download Materialing Alpha here or here. You can also download PDF Document here
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