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Download Corona Render Exporter v1.8.3 for Blender

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Developed by Joel Daniels, Corona Render Exporter allow you to export from Blender scene to Corona standalone renderer

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Standalone features (and exporter features) include:

  -Diffuse, specular color, translucency, opacity, reflection, anisotropy / anisotropy rotation, refraction, normal, and emission image textures
  -Instances / dupligroups / object and group particle systems
  -Hair particle systems export as renderable geometry
  -Mesh lights
  -Physically correct sun and sky (Hosek-Wilkie sky model)
  -Environment texture mapping (latlong maps only)
  -Physically correct depth of field
  -Unbiased/consistent rendering with path tracing, bidirectional path tracing
  -Biased rendering with HD Cache
  -Progressive and bucket rendering modes
  -Blender material conversion to Corona material
  -Render passes
  -Orthographic camera
  -Portal materials
  -Normal mapping
  -Material anisotropy
  -Binary .obj export
  -Per-material 'rounded corners' rendering
  -Node system including mix / fresnel / ao / ray switch shaders / texture node / offset & scaling node
  -Camera, object, and deformation motion blur
  -Cython compiled mesh export to reduce export times (by more than 50% compared to regular Python export)

To install and use:

  -Download the exporter from bitbucket, from the "Downloads" section
  -Extract the exporter and place it in your /scripts/addons directory.
  -Enable the exporter in Blender's User Preferences > Render category.
  -In the Corona Render user preferences, set the path to the Corona Standalone directory containing Corona.exe
  -Select Corona as the renderer from the render engine dropdown.
  -Set the export path.
  -Render. Large scenes may take a while to export and load in Corona, so be patient.

Exporter To do list:

  -Camera shift


  -Only UV-mapped image textures of formats PNG, EXR, BMP, JPEG, TGA, TIFF, GIF are supported. Other projections and texture types are not supported.
  -Some non-manifold and loose geometry (vertices, edges) will break rendering. Geometry should to be clean. Check the console for errors if rendering fails; Corona will report which .obj files are giving it trouble.


Download Corona Render Exporter v1.8.3 for Blender here
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