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Download BoolTool 0.2 for Blender

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Vitor Balbio’s BoolTool Blender add-on makes working with booleans and hard surface modeling more streamlined. Version 0.2 is now available for download

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What's New?

UI Redesign:
  -It's designed to scale for more features that are coming so now we have three panels:
  -Operators show the operators that you can use, they are global and can be applyied for all selected objects at once.
  -Properties show the properties of the active object and its specific functions following it type (Canvas, Brush or Both), they function are applied to this active object
  -If the object is a Canvas it will show a Brush Viewer Pannel to handle the Canvas Brushes annexed and others Modifiers Stack order

Direct Boolean Operations:
  -This don't make Brushes, instead it apply the boolean operators directly between the objects
  -You can use the Hotkeys CTRL + SHIFT + Plus/Minus/Asterix of Numpad to apply the direct operators

Draw Poly Brush:
  -Poly brush is a tool to Draw Masks in 3Dview and apply it as a Brush to the Object, it's faster than make a cube, edit edges and so on just to make a simple form that will be used as a brush

Toggle Enable:
  -Now you can Enable/Disable a Brush in the Brush Viewer or in the Brush Properties

AutoConvert Curve:
  -If the object is a curve it autoconvert to Mesh, this way you can use Curve Objects with Bevel as a Brush (Warning, when you turn it a Brush it will be converted to a a Mesh and will lose the Curve properties)

Experimental Fast Transform:
  -Fast transform rewrite te G/S/R Hotkeys to a custom one that can handle Brush objects changing it visibility and apply it on the canvas only in the final of the manipulation, this way we can get a fast transformation using High Poly Brushes. It's a experimental Feature and only works good with only one brush on it ( There's some lags when you have a high poly brush applyied and try to handle others )

Remove All and Remove Brush:
  -Now you can remove only a brush or remove all brushes
  -"Remove Brush" now is "active object" oriented so you can't remove all selected Brushes at once. It's slower but more consistent and intuitive in the UI
  -If you want remove all use the Canvas function " Remove All"

Apply All and Apply Brush:
  -Now you have separated functions to apply only a brush or all modifiers
  -"Apply Brush" is "active object" oriented so you can't apply all selected Brushes at once. It's slower but more consistent and intuitive in the the UI

Brush Viewer:
  -To Select a Brush in the Brush Viewer, just click on it name or icon

Feature Demo Video:

Example Demo Video:


Download BoolTool 0.2 for Blender here

How to install:

  -Open the Download
  -Click in the BoolTool0.2.rar to open it (do not save it from here)
  -Click in "View RAW" button to download it
  -Save in somewhere and Unzip
  -Open Blender
  -File -> User Preferences -> Addon -> Install from File
  -select the file
  -Enable it in the Addon Panel

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