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V-Ray 2.40.2 for Autodesk Maya 2015

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Chaos Group has announced thata new update to V-Ray 2.4 for Maya is now available for download. With this update, V-Ray 2.4 for Maya supports Maya 2015. Improvements and refinements to current features are also included. Check full list here

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V-Ray for Maya Benefits

Faster Ray Tracing and Rendering Performance
V-Ray 3.0's new optimized ray tracing core makes rendering significantly faster. Depending on scene complexity speeds can increase up to 5x and up to 15x when rendering hair.

Faster Feedback
Using a powerful path-tracing engine, V-Ray 3.0's new Progressive Image Sampler delivers instant feedback to artists and makes look development faster and more intuitive. V-Ray 3.0 introduces the ability to cache scene assets in between renders for even faster iterations.

Production-Focused Tools
V-Ray 3.0 is designed to give artists more control and flexibility. New tools include Max Ray Intensity, Probabilistic Light Sampling, and Render Mask to specify exact render regions with an object selection or image mask.

Advanced Characters and Creatures
Improvements to character and creature workflows include Faster Hair Rendering, Ray Traced Subsurface Scattering, and a new VRaySkinMtl shader. MARI and Autodesk Mudbox support have also been added.

Color Accurate Workflows
An improved V-Ray Frame Buffer adds Lens Effects and advanced color corrections for Contrast, HSL, and Color Balance. The VFB is now dockable and supports LUTs, ICC, and OpenColorIO advanced color management profiles.

Volumetric Shaders
V-Ray 3.0 includes PhoenixFD volume shaders to render volumetric effects including fluids, fire, smoke, and heat haze. OpenVDB grids and Field3D voxel data can be rendered as surfaces or volumes with support for indirect illumination.

Pipeline-Ready Formats
Support for open source tools and formats include OpenSubdiv, Alembic 1.5, Deep Images and OpenEXR 2.0, and programmable shaders using Open Shading Language (OSL).

The V-Ray 3.0 for Maya Beta program is still open. Become Beta tester here
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